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About BlueTech Research

BlueTech Research is a global provider of water technology market intelligence, founded in 2011. Through our global team, as well as our presence at conferences and meetings worldwide, we are in constant touch with innovators in the water industry, large and small.

Our analysts use BlueTech's research framework—created specifically for the water industry—to combine data, primary research interviews and analytics to provide intelligence on demand.

That on-demand intelligence makes us an extra member of your team. That colleague you like to brainstorm with. The friend who shares her notes on the session you had to miss because you were pinned down at your trade show booth.

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Our Methodology

The data and analysis from our analyst teams is curated in our custom-built data platform, with a rich taxonomy that allows us to sort, collect and parse information in nearly infinite ways. That provides us, and each of our clients, with a lens for examining the information that is vital to their business.

The result is right-sized information, tailored to your specific needs.

For instance, engineers often like to track specific technologies for up-to-the-minute news on innovations in development and who is in control. Investors—strategic or financial—tend to prefer to follow particular themes. And our business development clients typically filter for specific applications or practice areas that suit their interests.

The bottom line: we provide not just access, but analysis and context. You get the information you need, through tools that help you answer your own questions quickly.

And if you have further questions, you have an open line to our analysts. They are the bridge between you and our intelligence platform. Through a wide variety of reports as well as through direct contact, they provide the content, context and support to help you find the answers you need—the answers that help you make informed decisions.

Meet The Team

Our team is comprised of leading industry experts in water technology market intelligence, Technology Market Research Analysts and an Environmental Technology Assessment Group (TAG) who enable us to be the premier source of actionable water market intelligence.

Paul O' Callaghan, B.Sc., M.Sc. Founder and CEO

Paul O' Callaghan, B.Sc., M.Sc.

Founder and CEO


Paul is the founding CEO BlueTech® Research, a subsidiary of O2 Environmental that provides intelligence services to clients to identify key opportunities and emerging trends in the global water industry.

With more than 19 years of experience in the water sector, Paul is widely recognized for his expertise in market analysis and success in providing business development support to venture-backed water companies, including Ostara, SCFI, UV Sciences (now NeoTech Aqua) and Microdynamics UV. Paul also worked with companies, such as The Body Shop, Atkins and Noram Engineering, Ostara and Microsludge, before founding O2 Environmental.

In addition, Paul has assisted a number of funds such as Leaf Clean Energy, XPV Capital, and Emerald Ventures, providing market analysis and helping identify water sector investment opportunities. He worked with Fortune 500 companies on developing their overall water strategy, determining acquisition opportunities, and assisting with the launch of new water business divisions.

Paul holds a B.Sc. in Biochemistry and a Masters Degree in Water Resource Management. He has authored and presented numerous papers on emerging water and wastewater treatment technologies, guest lectured at Harvard Business School, provided commentary on the Discovery Channel, and delivered keynotes at numerous international events including the Singapore International Water Week TechXchange Workshop.

Paul completed a cutting-edge analysis of Bluetech investment opportunities for a leading international water industry publication, entitled "Water Technology Markets – key opportunities and emerging trends." The report provided a critical analysis of the game-changing technologies and identified the best growth opportunities in the water sector.

Among Paul's more recent accomplishments is the establishment of the annual Innovation Showcase at WEFTEC in collaboration with the Water Environment Federation (WEF) and Imagine H2O. In addition, his firm BlueTech Research hosts a yearly conference, the BlueTech Forum, to further promote the identification of innovative and disruptive technologies within the water sector.

Paul has lectured on Sustainable Energy at the BC Institute of Technology, Vancouver. He has authored and presented numerous papers on emerging treatment technologies and together with the O2 Environmental Technology Assessment Group (TAG) carries out technology assessments for venture capital investors and water companies.

Jeff Guild, MASc. VP Business Development & Professional Services

Jeff Guild, MASc.

VP Business Development & Professional Services


Jeff Guild has a wealth of water industry commercial and technical experience gained from engagements with start-ups, investors and large corporations in the dynamic global water space.

A business strategist and water industry leader who knows how to impact the bottom line, Jeff has advised businesses with wastewater treatment technologies, has led technology acquisition and integration projects, and can structure and negotiate strategic alliances, joint ventures and licensing agreements that leverage an organization's resources.

Jeff has managed technology scale-ups, executed technology commercialization projects, and has held senior process engineering and project management roles in both the municipal and industrial market sectors. He has also assisted clients in making major investment decisions, and was responsible for driving a partnership, licensing arrangement and efficient project execution in the Chinese wastewater treatment market.

Jeff is currently Vice President of Business Development and Professional Services for BlueTech Research. He leads the client relations and market expansion portfolios, and enjoys providing corporate foresight to support the needs of BlueTech members.

Jeff earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Bio-Resource Engineering and a Master of Applied Science in Chemical and Biological Engineering from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. He has authored several published papers, has delivered numerous presentations at water and wastewater conferences, and made significant contributions as a co-author for the Humana Press "Handbook of Environmental Engineering" series.

Technology Assessment Group


The Technology Assessment Group (TAG) is an unrivalled source of water technology market expertise, comprising leading international experts with deep domain expertise in specific areas. Each Technology Assessment Group (TAG) Member has a specialist area of expertise in the water sector. This model allows BlueTech to provide deep domain expertise across a range of technology and market areas. TAG members contribute to BlueTech Insight Reports and Custom Research projects and provide water strategy consulting for clients. This group is widely regarded as the “go-to” source for knowledge and expertise, and as team we have worked for many of the world’s leading water technology firms, research institutes, investors and Fortune 500 Companies.

BlueTech Research Team



Advisory Board

Gerard McCaughey

Gerard McCaughey

Infineco’s Gerry McCaughey is one of the pioneers in the greening of the built environment and one of the most successful green entrepreneurs. He was named “Industry Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2003 by Ernst & Young.

Prior to founding Infineco, McCaughey was the Founder and Chief Executive of Century Homes in Ireland, and later named Chief Executive of Kingspan Century following the $100 million acquisition of Century by the European building materials giant Kingspan Group Plc (KSP on the Irish Stock Exchange). By focusing on sustainability and automating construction processes, McCaughey propelled Century from a small start-up operation of four employees into one of Europe’s largest producers of offsite, wood-frame buildings and oversaw the development and launch of one of the world’s first zero-carbon houses.

William W. Ambrose

William W. Ambrose

William W. Ambrose is a business information entrepreneur and industry analysis expert with over 30 years experience in the telecommunications, energy and infrastructure industries. He is principal of Stone Silo LLC, a consultancy that mentors industry insight start-ups. He founded two successful industry research start-ups – Emerging Energy Research, specializing in renewable energy, and Pyramid Research, specializing in emerging markets telecoms.


Mr. Ambrose is actively engaged in the non-profit sector at the board level. He is board chair of The BOMA Project, a US and Kenyan-based organization with a mission to alleviate extreme poverty and build resiliency in the drylands of Africa. He is a director of Saha Global, working with women entrepreneurs to provide clean water in Northern Ghana. And he is on the board of the New England Center for Investigative Reporting, whose mission is to support investigative journalism.

Mr. Ambrose received an MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business in New York with a concentration in international business, strategy, and industry analysis.  He holds a BA in economics and intercultural studies (Africa specialization) from Trinity College, Hartford CT.

Maurice Daly

Maurice Daly

Maurice is a serial water entrepreneur, having funded and built up water technology operations business which was subsequently acquired. Maurice brings a wealth of commercial experience and support to BlueTech on strategic planning related to the growth of the business.

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