Vincent Pileggi

As Market Technology Research Analyst, Vincent Pileggi is focused on evaluating the market potential of a diverse range of emerging water technologies and developing strategic insights for clients.

His role includes reaching out to industry leaders within technology companies and end-users to better understand their activities and market perspective. He prepares company reports, contributes to the weekly analyst alerts and Monthly Intelligence Briefings and supports the BlueTech Platform.

In 2020 Vincent authored a BlueTech report characterising the UVC-LED water treatment market. The report cross-compares the technology offerings and commercial activities of leading system providers and manufacturers.

He previously worked as a consultant focused on strategy, market intelligence and mergers & acquisitions, advising wastewater treatment companies in both the industrial and municipal markets. He has a master’s degree in engineering management from Duke University in North Carolina and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Vince likes hiking in the White Mountains and is honing his cooking skills.

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