Saurabh Singh

Growing up, Saurabh Singh spent three years living in Jodhpur, one of India’s driest cities. There, seeing communities queuing at water tankers for hours to fill jerrycans, he learnt the true value of water. These early experiences instilled in him a desire to achieve universal access to safe and affordable drinking water for all.

Later, during his undergraduate internship, Saurabh worked on the Delhi Drainage Master Plan 2031 project at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. This reinforced his water ambitions, setting his career in motion.

Saurabh joined BlueTech Research in November 2020 as a Water Technology Research Analyst. Based in Germany, he specialises in providing consulting services in strategy, digital assessment, market intelligence, and due diligence for various water-focused utilities, corporations, municipalities, and private clients.

Before joining BlueTech Research, Saurabh worked as a water engineer at Jacobs Engineering Group, and prior to this as an environmental engineer at AECOM. He has lived and worked in six different countries – India, UK, Spain, Germany, Canada and Uganda, where he led a project to supply drinking water to an orphanage on the island of Zinga.

He is a Joint-MSc degree graduate “Magna cum Laude” who completed his fourth semester thesis at the University of Toronto, Canada. He received the prestigious Erasmus Mundus Excellence Scholarship from the European Commission to pursue a two-year joint MSc program, specialising in hydroinformatics and water management. In 2017, he was named winner of the IoT for Greener Cities international challenge.

For Saurabh, the best thing about working in water is seeing the impact his work has on the lives of others. He has a passion for travel, enjoys football and is a trained Formula 1 marshal.

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