Matt Mallory

While travelling in developing countries at a young age, Matt Mallory was struck by the inequalities he saw in communities’ access to clean water and safe sanitation. On returning home to the hill country of Texas, US, with its pristine spring-fed rivers, he felt compelled to work out how to increase global access to clean water.

This vision has driven Matt’s career, which has focused on the evaluation of water reuse technology and guiding companies through its implementation. As a Senior Research Analyst at BlueTech Research, Matt supports technology tracking, client asset mapping and market analysis and he is excited to see companies transition towards more sustainable approaches to water.

Matt studied at Texas State University, earning a degree in resource and environmental studies, before joining an energy solutions company, deploying treatment technologies for the reuse of produced water in oil and gas completion processes. His next role was with a startup, developing electrolytic advanced oxidation process (AOP) technology for application in cooling towers, landfill leachate, and food and beverage processes.

As an industry mentor through United States Department of Energy (TBC) and I-Corps programmes, Matt has advised other technology developers and lead an EU Horizon 2020 work package.

In his free time, he enjoys camping beside water and playing guitar.

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