Dr. Olga Murujew

Olga Murujew is a Senior Research Analyst who joined BlueTech Research in 2018.

Her role includes managing the company Innovation Tracker, supporting the selection of Innovation Showcase companies for the BlueTech Forum and creating BlueTech Staying Connected weekly alerts.

She has co-authored several Horizon Scan reports, including Atmospheric Water Harvesting (2019), Algal Wastewater Treatment (2019) and Advanced Primary Treatment (2020).

With a long-held interest in science, Olga gained a degree in chemistry from RWTH University in Germany. Wanting to shift her studies to a more applied focus, she enrolled in a joint MSc course in water technology at Wageningen University and Wetsus in the Netherlands. This included a four-month internship in India working on sustainable sanitation in rural areas. During this time, Olga gained experience in low tech solutions such as composting and urine diverting dry toilets.

During her PhD, Olga spent four months in Melbourne, Australia, investigating how to improve the sustainability of immobilised algal technology and in 2019 she completed her PhD in Water Science from Cranfield University, UK, on tertiary phosphorus removal from wastewater. She assessed ballasted coagulation, cloth filtration, ultrafiltration, a reactive media reed bed and an immobilised algal bioreactor on their ability to comply with upcoming low phosphorus regulations.

To date, the outputs of this research have been published in Environmental Technology and Water Research.

In her free time, Olga enjoys reading as well as spending time outdoors.

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