Dr Kim Wu

Dr Kim Wu has always been interested in a wide variety of engineering processes. She holds both an undergraduate degree and a doctorate in engineering science from the University of Oxford, where her research focused on membrane technologies.

After acquiring her doctorate, Kim carried out postdoctoral research into the recovery of precious metals from industrial waste-streams in a project funded by Innovate UK. This work was carried out with the University of Bath in partnership with Veolia and Phosphonics, a UK SME with expertise in metals capture.

Kim joined BlueTech Research as a Water Technology Market Analyst in 2021, a position that includes researching, analysing and preparing reports on water innovation and trends impacting market development – including mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and projects.

Before joining BlueTech she worked in experimental design, technology selection, data analysis and process optimisation and integration and her research outputs have been adopted for use in municipal and industrial water purification applications including pharmaceuticals and mining.

More recently, Kim worked as a senior engineer at a research institute in Hong Kong where she was involved with various projects, including the use of nanobubbles for removal of emerging contaminants.

She is currently based in Hong Kong where she likes hiking at Lion Rock and other peaks with friends. She is a keen traveller and is looking forward to visiting Europe again for the historic architecture, tasty food and a ramble in the English countryside.

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