Dr. Corina Carpentier

Corina Carpentier, PhD (Ecotoxicology) has been active in the field of (ecological) water quality monitoring since 1996. She supports (drinking) water utilities and water authorities in the selection of the most suitable (combination of) online sensors and monitors to obtain essential water quality information for process optimization and control, or compliance checking. This also includes the collection, assessment and reporting of large datasets, thus ensuring the availability of all essential information to take operational decisions and determine future water quality goals. To this end, she enters into cooperation with sensor and data evaluation experts worldwide. Since 2012, as a project manager and (ecological) monitoring expert of an international consortium, she has been involved in the development of a compendium documenting the types, costs and experience with the use of online sensors and monitors in the global water industry. Examples of related projects are the development of a monitoring station for the Huangpu River in Shanghai (2007-2009) and the development of an intake protection system for drinking water production for the city of Ia┼či (Romania).

Dr. Carpentier regularly presents (ecological) water quality monitoring technologies and approaches to water professionals and operators. Additionally, she teaches training courses on online algal monitoring using fluorometry techniques and online toxicity monitoring using various organisms (algae, daphnia).

Dr. Carpentier has been active as a consultant for DG Environment of the European Commission regarding (drinking) water quality since 2002. She led the project team which organized a Drinking Water Seminar to revise the European Drinking Water Directive for DG Environment of the European Commission in 2003. She also managed three consecutive projects on Reporting Obligations under EU Water Legislation for DG Environment between 2002 and 2010. In 2012-2013 she developed a new concept for the future of reporting under the Drinking Water Directive, commissioned by DG Environment of the European Commission.

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