Divya Inna

Divya Inna is passionate about connecting the global water community and is a firm believer in the power of storytelling to influence change and create positive impact.

In her current role as Director of Client Relations, Divya Inna supports client businesses working with industry leading solution providers, utilities, industrial corporates, investors and research groups. She engages closely with the BlueTech community, ensuring clients get the most out of their experience with BlueTech Research.

Divya’s role also encompasses external communications and, as host of BlueTech Research’s podcast and webinar series, she engages a global audience with fascinating stories and valuable insights into the world of water technology innovation. Her talent for presenting – honed during a stint as a student radio DJ while studying at University of Nottingham – has been a key factor in the success of the series.

Divya’s love for water comes from her roots in India where rivers of love, life and death and have enthralled generations with their myths. She studied Civil Engineering at the University of Nottingham before gaining a master’s degree in water and wastewater engineering at Cranfield University, UK.

She joined BlueTech Research as a market analyst in 2015 and her specialist areas include resource recovery & biosolids management.

Divya has recently gained her second master’s degree in international business management from Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland, and in her spare time she enjoys cooking, painting and travelling.

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