Conrad Hopp

Conrad Hopp developed his passion for navigating the global water crisis early in his life. Having grown up surfing in California and kayaking competitively at an international level, he was often in direct contact with severely polluted environments across the world.

Driven by his desire for sustainable environmental change, Conrad joined the team at BlueTech Research in 2019. As a Senior Research Analyst, he carries out custom research for clients with a special focus on mergers and acquisitions. He also conducts economic analyses and structures financial models to evaluate the market potential of various water technologies and business opportunities.

Prior to joining BlueTech Research, Conrad co-founded an advanced wastewater treatment company based in Canada. Focusing on the destruction of contaminants within the mining industry, his work assisted in the development of data-driven products and go-to market strategies for clean technologies. In recognition of his innovative accomplishments, Conrad was a recipient of the Nexa Resources Circular Economy prize, the Cleantech Open Northeast Innovation prize, and was named as a finalist for MIT’s Water Innovation and Clean Energy prizes.

Conrad holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Toronto, where his final year thesis focused on applying economic frameworks to advanced water treatment technologies for process optimisation. His research is published in IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, a journal of the Chartered Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers.

Based in Toronto, Conrad enjoys cooking and reading historical fiction and non-fiction in his free time, with a particular focus on economic and political theory.

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