Georg Schücking

While studying mechanical and environmental engineering at Technical University of Munich, Germany, Georg Schücking participated in an overseas study programme, which took him to Amman, Jordan. Living in one of the world’s driest countries gave him a new perspective on the importance of water access, treatment and management, an experience that motivated him to pursue a career path in water.

In 2020, Georg completed a master’s degree in water resources engineering at Lund University, Sweden. Throughout his studies, he joined numerous research projects in areas including chemical synthesis of new water filtration media and pathogen removal methods in managed aquifer recharge.

Georg’s most recent research experience was as a visiting graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US, where he spent nine months on experimental studies of water treatment in greenhouses using membrane technology. He received two scholarships to follow through with the ambitious project, the findings of which are published in three peer-reviewed scientific journal articles.

Georg continued working on this project until shortly before joining BlueTech Research as a Water Technology Market Analyst in 2021. He is based in Leipzig, Germany and says the best thing about working in water is the connection it gives the global population with the natural environment – water is essential to life and connects us all.

He is particularly interested in water reuse technologies and hopes to facilitate a transition to more sustainable water management methods in municipalities, industry, and agriculture.

He believes that engineers play an important role in our societies and has spent time as a group leader and board member of a chapter of the Engineers Without Borders. He is an avid skier and hobby pianist.

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