Where will the next great water innovations come from?

The global water crisis is escalating and many businesses are already managing the effects as they plan for an uncertain future. The crisis is creating significant research opportunities in areas such as wastewater treatment and reuse, desalination and resource recovery. There are also major investigations opening up in groundwater remediation and network optimisation as utilities and municipalities seek to maximise efficiencies and lower the cost of compliance.

Which technologies will deliver future success?

BlueTech’s custom-built online Intelligence Platform holds a vast bank of data and insight into water technologies and their markets. We track the entire range of existing and emerging technologies and use our bespoke data-modelling tool to compare their offerings so you can identify optimal solutions. BlueTech Research tracks licensing activity of research institutes around the globe for new innovative and disruptive water technologies. This intelligence is particularly valuable if you wish to identify a gap in the market to develop a new technology or are considering entry into a new market.

Rhys Owen

Senior Research Editor

Which market areas have the most potential?

Our monthly Intelligence Briefing picks out the key insight and information you need to know about emerging technologies, industry activity and global market trends. For more detailed insight we have created a library of reports which focus on niche areas of the water technology market. These specialist reports are pithy, easily digestible and designed to provide actionable information.

Each report is followed up with a live web-briefing with our team of experts and allows for interactive discussion.

Academia & Research

Case Studies

Client:Automotive industrial company, Germany

Project Title:Review of Water Strategy for Large Industrial Client

1. Review of Water Strategy for Large Industrial Client

Client: Automotive industrial company, Germany

Reviewed the water strategy plan for a large industrial client launching a new water business division as a new entrant to the water sector. A workshop was facilitated by BlueTech with experts from our Technology Assessment Group (TAG).

Critical feedback was provided on the strategy for internal growth through R&D and growth through acquisitions.

Divya Inna

Client Relations Director

Building a collaborative community

BlueTech understands the importance of working in partnership to achieve successful innovation in the water industry, so we offer our clients direct access to our senior analysts. We also nurture relationships within our community of end-users, vendors, technology providers and investors where we see synergies. Our annual forum and networking events are carefully curated to generate these mutually beneficial opportunities.

Please contact us on *** if you would like a free demonstration of how our Intelligence Platform could support your business.

4th June 2020

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