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Our cutting-edge analytical, technology-focused reports are essential reading for those who need a clear understanding of the rapidly expanding global water industry. Our unique technology and research tracking tool means that we are perfectly placed to provide you with crucial insights into what’s new, important or significant in water tech innovations, along with accompanying analysis and actionable data.

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Brine management and ZLD technology: competitive landscape

An overview of changes in the brine removal market since BlueTech’s 2015 Insight Report on this area, Brine Management and ZLD – Innovation Landscape and Technology Review. The new report will compare the offerings of the key players in the market in terms of technical pros and cons and commercial development of the companies. A…

Peracetic acid – a new approach to water disinfection

With a global market value of $485M in 2016, peracetic acid (CH3CO3H), also known as peroxyacetic acid, is receiving increased attention across the world as a possible alternative for disinfectants such as chlorine (Cl) and sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl). It has been shown to be an effective biocide and, unlike chlorine-based disinfectants, completely degrades in water…

Online bacterial monitoring – Horizon scan and competitive landscape survey

Most bacterial quantification and identification is currently undertaken through plating, which can take between 1-3 days to complete, and requires specialized skills and training. This is a significant limitation; a study completed on a beach in California showed that Enterococcus concentrations fluctuated by as much as 700% between 10-minute samples. Thus, there is a market…

Ballast Water Management – preparing for a regulatory big bang

The International Maritime Organization (IMO)’s Ballast Water Management Convention is a global treaty which has been ratified and, until a two-year delay was agreed, was due to come into legal force on 8 September 2017. It requires all ocean-going ships to be fitted with ballast water management systems (BWMS) to combat the spread of invasive…

Nitrate removal from drinking water in the USA

Contamination of drinking water from nitrates is an issue across the USA, with most of the problem concentrated in small systems which serve populations of under 3,300 – which accounts for around 3,000 systems. These systems were responsible for 98% of the deviations from regulatory limits found in an EPA survey. Over 92% of the…

Microbial Encapsulation: Technology Horizon Scan and Competitive Landscape Map

Microbial encapsulation is the practice of concentrating beneficial microbes used in water/wastewater treatment processes into polymer “cages” or capsules. It is claimed to have game-changing potential in terms of destroying soluble wastes across a range of applications. It has not had large-scale commercial acceptance yet, but industry interest is increasing. The potential benefits are: 1)…

Producing Bio-Based Plastics from Wastewater

The global plastics market was estimated to be worth $600 billion in 2016. Bio- based plastics currently account for approximately 1% of the market, or $600 million, but are predicted to grow at up to 25-35% over the coming 3-5 years, with production predicted to reach 4.7 million tons by 2018. Until recently bio-based plastic…

High Purity Water: Opportunities in Advanced Manufacturing

BlueTech’s latest Insight Report presents detailed analysis of the ultrapure water (UPW) market. The total market for ultrapure water systems and components is expected to exceed $12B by 2026. While much of the growth is driven by the semi- conductor industry, the report outlines significant opportunities in pharma, medical devices, healthcare, photovoltaic cells, boiler feedwater,…

Advanced Oxidation Processes: Horizon Scan & Competition Landscape Survey

New pollutants, including those from medicines, pesticides and intensified industrial production are driving regulations globally, which in turn are driving utilities and industries alike to find new ways to treat them. AOP solution-providers are experiencing a resultant uptick in attention and sales. Read more… Technologies covered with expert insights include:- UV, UV + oxidant, ozone,…

Fields Of Interest


Population Growth, Regulations, Rising Energy Costs, Urbanization


Advanced Materials, Bio-products from Wastewater, Emerging Contaminants, Energy Efficient Wastewater Treatment, Energy Mitigation, Low-energy Desalination, Next Gen BioTech, Nutrient Recovery, Nutrient Removal, Resource Recovery, Smart Water, Water Reuse, Zero Liquid Discharge


Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP), Advanced Primary, Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors (AnMBR), Biological Treatment, Ceramic Membranes, Chemical Treatment, Data Management Systems, Electro-Chemical Treatment, Forward Osmosis, Ion Exchange, Mechanical Vapor Re-Compression, Membrane Bioreactor (MBR), Membrane Filtration, Membranes, Ozone Disinfection, Physical Treatment, Physical-Chemical Treatment, Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration, Sensors, Sensors and Control Systems, Thermal Desalination, Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection, Vortex Separation

Market Applications:

Agricultural Wastewater Treatment, Ballast Water Treatment, Contaminant Removal, Cooling Towers / Boiler Water, Desalination, Disinfection, Distribution and Collection Infrastructure, Drinking Water Treatment, Emerging Contaminants & Micropollutants, Food and Beverage Wastewater Treatment, Hard COD, Industrial Process Water, Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Measuring / Control / Laboratory Technology, Municipal Wastewater Treatment, Nutrient Recovery, Nutrient Removal, Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industry Wastewater Treatment, Phosphorus, Point of Use (PoU) and Point of Entry (PoE) Treatment, Power Plant Wastewater Treatment, Produced Water Treatment, Pulp and Paper Wastewater Treatment, Selenium, Stormwater Treatment, Ultrapure Water, Water Capture from Air, Water Reuse