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Our cutting-edge analytical, technology-focused reports are essential reading for those who need a clear understanding of the rapidly expanding global water industry. Our unique technology and research tracking tool means that we are perfectly placed to provide you with crucial insights into what’s new, important or significant in water tech innovations, along with accompanying analysis and actionable data.

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UV Disinfection: Key Features & Disruptive Technologies

The global UV equipment market is estimated to be worth US$1.1b annually (2012). This report summarizes the key features of the market, areas of potential breakthrough, and the technologies that may disrupt this market and according to what timeline.

Power in China: Opportunities & Drivers in the Water Technology Market

Produced by BlueTech Research and China Water Risk Sulphur dioxide (SO2) is one of China’s main air pollutants, with coal-fired power stations generating much of it – in 2007, they accounted for around 50% of total SO2 emissions. Since then, tightened regulations have resulted in most of China’s thermal power generation plants being equipped with…

Biosolids & Sludge Management: Trends & Opportunities

Get an overview of the main technologies and companies active in the biosolids treatment market, emerging technology developments, and analysis of market size, drivers and specific market-related barriers related to sludge management. Emerging technologies such as thermal hydrolysis are analysed, as well as market trends affecting more established treatment methods, and the implications of developments such…

Biocides: Innovation Landscape Review

The dominant biocide chemistry has historically been chlorine-based. The objective of this Innovation Landscape Review was to look at various biocide application markets and determine the degree of innovation on new product or service development occurring. This was based on primary research interviews with industry end-users, biocide experts and chemical suppliers, and was also supplemented with a patent search and review of third party literature.

Biogas upgrading for natural gas injection

BlueTech Research has seen an increased interest in anaerobic digestion technology and the use of upgrading technologies to inject the resulting biogas into the grid. This is due to increased interest in cleaner and carbon-neutral renewable fuel (as opposed to natural gas). This report provides an overview of biogas upgrading for natural gas injection, including the contaminants, technologies, the competitive landscape and market potential.

Ceramic membranes for water & wastewater treatment: Addendum

The increasing number of new ceramic membrane companies founded in the last five years, along with expanding markets for their applications has prompted BlueTech to perform a Horizon Scan of ceramic membrane technology providers. This report examines the opportunity and the competitive landscape, comparing the key technology providers and some new ceramic membrane producers that have entered the market.

The Internet of Water: Impact & Opportunities in the Water Technology Market

From tiny changes in water quality to a breach in a deeply buried pipeline, a smart, connected water
grid can make every aspect of a water grid visible in real time. The very large amounts of data harvested can also enable predictive capabilities, for example anticipating the need to replace or clean a component within a treatment plant. A smart grid would allow systematic and intelligent decision-making(in some cases automated)at all levels- which would maximise efficiency in unprecedented ways. Minimising energy consumption, operator intervention and capital spend on replacement equipment and materials (and thereby risk) are some of the potential benefits.

Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

There has been a flurry of activity in the water industry over the last few years, as a group of emerging contaminants known as perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) has been detected in samples of water around the globe. Their high toxicity and persistence in the environment has seen research institutions hard at work to determine the…

Selenium – BlueTech Contaminant BluePrint

BlueTech Research compiled a Selenium Blueprint in 2013 due to expected changes to US water quality regulations. This became a reality in September 2015 when the EPA passed new effluent limit guidelines (ELGs), which has led to the compilation of this new and more comprehensive overview of the selenium removal market.

Hard to Degrade COD BluePrint

We believe there is a growing market opportunity for technologies that can deal with difficult to degrade wastewaters. This arises due to increasing focus on micro-pollutants, the general trend towards industrial wastewater reuse and ZLD, and a need to deal with RO concentrates from industrial applications. The technology playing field is diverse and complex, with…