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At BlueTech Research we are passionate about driving successful innovation in the global water sector. We believe that many of the solutions to the current water crisis already exist in the form of exciting technologies and innovative approaches to managing water. Our mission is to scour the world for the innovations that will help resolve the water challenges facing many businesses and supporting them as they plan for an uncertain future. We also want to help speed up the process of bringing those emerging technologies that are commercially viable to market.

Helping companies make critical investment decisions

BlueTech Research was founded in 2011. From the beginning our consultancy service was focused on providing actionable water technology and market intelligence that could be trusted. Our clients rely on our information to make critical business decisions every single day, so it has to be accurate and insightful. We work with all of the key players in the global water sector, including research institutions, investors, utilities and large corporates, and we are highly respected for the quality of our work

Jeff Guild, MASc.

Vice President

Providing continual support to our clients

BlueTech’s online Intelligence Platform was originally created for our consultants who were frustrated with the quality of information previously available. We invested heavily in custom-building a platform that combined data and primary research interviews in a structured framework, that enabled technologies to be easily analysed and compared. We also developed data-modelling tools based on our knowledge and expertise that allow our clients to predict the likely behaviour of emerging technologies and their growth potential. This information is kept fully up-to-date by our specialist team of water scientists, engineers and analysts who are dedicated to improving the intelligence we provide.

Actively building a community

Experience tells us that partnerships are essential for successful innovation, so we offer our clients direct access to work with our senior analysts and experts. We also nurture relationships within our community of vendors, technology providers and investors where we see synergies and the opportunity for shared value. Our annual forum and networking events are carefully curated to generate mutually beneficial opportunities to interact.

Campaigning to change people’s perceptions

We are very proud of our Brave Blue World documentary project, which aims to educate people from all backgrounds about ways to solve the global water crisis. We are co-producers on this ground-breaking film, which paints an optimistic picture of what could be achieved if companies started adopting the water technologies and innovations that are already available. Through the Brave Blue World Foundation, we are building an outreach programme to take the learnings further.

2-3 June 2021

BlueTech Forum

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We look forward to bringing together our community of large water corporations, small water techs, utilities, industrial end-users, investors, research institutes & government institutions in this new digital format to learn, connect, and collaborate together.

Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada