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Global demand for water is expected to explode in the coming years, this combined with an aging infrastructure and ongoing climate change is creating a water scarcity crisis. These challenges are driving enormous opportunities for developing and investing in new technologies such as wastewater reuse, desalination and nutrient recovery. Companies seriously need these new technologies to help maximise water efficiencies and reduce their costs of regulatory compliance.

We help identify great investment opportunities

BlueTech’s custom-built online Intelligence Platform holds a vast bank of data and specialist insight into water technologies and their markets. We track the competitive landscape of all current and emerging technologies, analysing their market shares and growth rates. With our bespoke data-modelling tool you can quickly compare vendor offerings and identify the best performing innovations. We can also provide you expert guidance on how long emerging technologies are expected to take to come to market and provide a return on investment.

Paul O’ Callaghan, PhD

Founder and CEO

Helping you research your potential investments

We scour the global water markets identifying companies with disruptive technologies and promising developments, and a strong go to market strategy. With our Monthly Intelligence Briefing you are kept fully informed about important new technology developments and global market trends. For more detailed insight and analysis, we offer BlueTech reports on key market segments, technology areas and companies in the water space.

Each report is followed up with a live web-briefing with our team of experts and allows for interactive discussion.


Case Studies

Client:United Envirotech (Large Singaporean Chinese EPC), on behalf a key shareholder investor

Project Title:Investment Due Diligence and Review of Strategic Positioning

1. Investment Due Diligence and Review of Strategic Positioning

Client: United Envirotech (Large Singaporean Chinese EPC), on behalf a key shareholder investor

The Client’s Needs

BlueTech Research was retained to advise on the growth strategy for a large Singaporean Chinese EPC, United Envirotech on behalf a key shareholder investor. The study looked at the benefits of vertically integrating certain membrane technologies into the UE portfolio to differentiate its UF and MBR offering in municipal and industrial projects.

A key element of the study focused on the potential for vertical integration of Memstar membranes.

Our Approach

As part of this study, BlueTech Research carried out a competitive landscape map of competing EPC companies in the Asian region, their differentiation and respective strategy. The market potential also analysed and the potential for accessing international markets.

Field based due diligence was carried out at operational sites in petrochemical refineries,
industrial parts and municipal water and wastewater plants in four provinces. QA/QC review
of membrane manufacturing plants in Singapore and mainland China was conducted.

The methodology included a 2-day work-shops held in Singapore with senior management
team where BlueTech Research experts presented market context, challenged assumptions from the management team and facilitated and led a discussion to help support strategy

There were on-site close-out meetings in China with senior management to present the
findings and recommendations.

The entire study lasted 7 weeks and the outputs also included detailed reports on the
market, competitive landscape, and due diligence reports.


The BlueTech strategy study was linked to a $1Bn transaction and investment.

Divya Inna

Client Relations Director

Building a collaborative community

BlueTech understands the importance of working in partnership to achieve successful innovation in the water industry, so we offer our clients direct access to our senior analysts. We also nurture relationships within our community of vendors, technology providers and investors where we see synergies. Our annual forum and networking events are carefully curated to generate these mutually beneficial opportunities.

Please contact us if you would like a free demonstration of how our Intelligence Platform could support your business.

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