3rd - 4th June 2020

BlueTech Forum: Working together to accelerate innovation

Location: Online

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Day 1, Wednesday 3rd June

A welcome address from co-hosts Divya Inna, Client Relations Manager, BlueTech Research & Tom Ferguson, VP Programming, Imagine H2O.

Every industry contains a troop of pioneers – the catalysts, the moonshot thinkers – and doers, the ones we all end up following. It is no different when it comes to water. We call them ‘The Lighthouses’.

To amplify the exemplary work that we know private and public water professionals want to learn from, we have founded The Lighthouse Awards.

This opening plenary features a cross-section of the world’s leading companies who feature in our inaugural awards shortlist.

In their own unique way, each of the nominees are path-finding and trailblazing; setting ambitious targets, and turning these targets into reality by embracing new innovations and ways of working.

Paul O’Callaghan is our host to guide us through the conversation.

Ecologist and author, Mark Nelson was one of the original ‘biospherians’ and we’re honoured that he will be joining us to share his fascinating story. A renowned international speaker, Mark is also a founding director of the Institute of Ecotechnics and has worked with water, wastewater and natural systems for several decades.

Interviewing Mark Nelson will be Cate Lamb, Head of Water Security Initiative, CDP. Mark share lessons he learned from his time in Biosphere II around closed loops, connectivity, conservation, isolation and the need to tackle global problems with global cooperation. His research focuses on closed ecological system research, ecological engineering, restoration of damaged ecosystems, and wastewater recycling.

Mark is the author of numerous papers and books, including the excellent ‘Wastewater Gardener: Preserving the Planet One Flush at a Time’ and is featured in the new documentary exploring the Biosphere II journey, Spaceship Earth.

Before founding BlueTech Research, Paul O’Callaghan was lead author on the groundbreaking report Water Technology Markets 2010. This report analysed the prospects of a wide range of innovative technologies across the water and wastewater treatment space. A decade later, we take stock of the changes in Water Technology Markets 2020. What has come to pass? What never materialised? What we can expect as we project out to 2030?

The presentation will take into account the impact of COVID-19 and the potential ramifications on the global water technology market.

From anaerobic membrane bioreactors to zero liquid discharge technologies, this upcoming report (exclusive to BlueTech Research clients) will summarise the changes within a catalogue of innovations in terms of market trajectory, and the fate and progress of the technology suppliers.

We examine:

– What trends were called correctly 10 years ago, and what was off the mark?
– Which technologies didn’t pan out, and why?
– What drives success and failure in water technology innovation?
– What will the next 10 years look like?

BlueTech Research’s Divya Inna and Paul O’Callaghan will guide us through this Water Technology Markets 2020 preview, including mind-maps and forecasts for technology growth.

Seth Siegel, NY Times Best-Selling Author

Troubled Water: What’s Wrong with What We Drink, Seth M. Siegel explores how America’s drinking water became contaminated, how it impacts public health, and what solutions exist that can make US drinking water safe. Full of shocking stories about contaminated water found across the country, Troubled Water explains how we got to this point, highlights the everyday heroes who have tried to force changes in the quality and safety of drinking water, and concludes with what America must do to reverse decades of neglect.

Due to years of Congressional inaction and lack of enforcement by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), contaminants, including pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, and lead, have been getting into drinking water across America. Many of these contaminants are linked to cancer, heart disease, birth defects, and lowered IQ. Because many of these contaminants are not regulated, no testing is required – leaving millions of households unknowingly at risk. Many communities have been forced to drink bottled water, but the quality and safety of this alternative is also unreliable.

Fortunately, technologies already exist that are able to remove these harmful contaminants and make drinking water safe. Since most of the pipes and treatment plants are far beyond their useful life, over $1 trillion is needed to upgrade the US drinking water infrastructure. This crisis provides an opportunity for corporations, academics, and others who can play a part in improving America’s drinking water system, and improving the nation’s public health.

Interviewing Seth will be Reinhard Hubner, Investment Manager, Skion

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– The Lighthouse Awards

– BlueTech Connect: Peer-to-Peer Roundtables

– TAG MasterClass Program

– Virtual Technology Showcases- View our 2020 Innovation Showcase Companies here

Thank you for joining us for BlueTech Forum: Connect.

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Actionable, early insight and better decisions start by sitting down with our team of leading market experts: the BlueTech Research Technology Assessment Group (TAG).

Comprising international specialists with deep domain expertise in specific areas, TAG is an unrivalled source of water technology market intelligence. Connecting to this wealth of knowledge is one of the ways in which the BlueTech Forum stands apart from other water conferences.

The WaterTech Forecasts are your chance, in focused roundtable groups, to get a grip on what’s around the corner – and how to act.

Hosted by Mike Adkins, BlueTech TAG Member
Nano and microbubbles offer exciting opportunities in water and wastewater treatment – but as a technology it is still its infancy. Mike Adkins compares the most innovative technology offerings and how they will impact the market.

Hosted by Graham Symmonds, BlueTech TAG Member
A complete re-imagining of the way in which water, wastewater and stormwater services are managed is on the horizon – but some issues remain. Graham Symmonds will offer a guide through the complexities, pitfalls and opportunities.

Hosted by William Toffey, BlueTech TAG Expert
The biosolids management sector is at a turning point, with emerging contaminants concerns, and every disposal method coming under pressure. Bill Toffey will lead a discussion on finding the balance between these issues and the benefits of biosolids to society and the circular economy.

Hosted by Olga Murujew, Research Analyst, BlueTech Research
Where no alternatives exist, AWC is being taken seriously as a water supply option, and some innovative companies are leading the charge. Olga Murujew will be discussing some of the latest breakthroughs and newer applications and their market potential.

Hosted by Graeme Pearce, BlueTech TAG Expert
Graeme Pearce will be discussing recent innovations in membrane materials and manufacture, from graphene to 3D-spacers, and looking at where the biggest market impacts may be felt.

Hosted by Wade Miller, BlueTech TAG Expert
With the initial public acceptance battles overcome, reuse is set to take off – the market in California alone is thought to be worth $30bn over the next 30 years. Wade Miller will be looking at how regulations and technology developments will affect this market.

Hosted by Michael Mickley, BlueTech TAG Expert
Mike Mickley examines a technology which is full of potential for removing multiple contaminants, but has often fallen foul of its own complexities. Several innovative companies are making commercial headway – Mike will be looking at what they have got right and how the full potential of EC can be tapped.

Hosted by Mark Wilf, BlueTech TAG Expert
As one of the most mature technologies, RO has seen some surprisingly innovative developments lately – particularly high recovery and ZLD. This session will tour some of the most exciting new technologies courtesy of TAG expert Mark Wilf.

Hosted by Jim Cosman, BlueTech TAG Expert
LED-based UV treatment is in the spotlight as it overtakes conventional mercury-based lamps, and demand for disinfection products of all types soars. Jim Cosman will provide an expert’s guide to the market dynamics and technology challenges of this fast-growing sector.

Hosted by Steve Gluck, BlueTech TAG Expert
APT promises reduced footprint, energy consumption and increased carbon diversion. As usual, however, things aren’t that simple. Steve Gluck analyses the pros, cons, and potential opportunities in this growing market landscape.

Hosted by Corina Carpentier, BlueTech TAG Expert
Interest in online bacterial monitoring keeps growing – for good reason. New technology offerings promise results within days rather than minutes, while regulatory shifts and rising incidents of Legionnaires’ disease are fuelling demand. Corina Carpentier examines and compares the latest offerings.

Hosted by Conrad Hopp, Senior Research Analyst, BlueTech Research
From nutrient reclamation to energy recovery and micropollutant management, this is an area which promises a lot – BlueTech will cut through the hype and examine the research and innovation landscape to forecast the real market impact over the next 5-10 years.