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At BlueTech Research we believe that solutions to the current global water crisis already exist and we are passionate about trying to educate people. We know that we have the solutions to solve these problems as there are people globally rethinking how they manage their water systems.

Brave Blue World documentary

BlueTech Research has co-produced Brave Blue World, a stunning documentary that paints an optimistic future for water. Our mission was to change the discussion on water from “doom and gloom” as portrayed by the media, into a conversation which showcases how at the margins innovators and inventors are rethinking how we manage water.

Interviews were conducted with pioneers across five continents and the film also features actors Matt Damon and Liam Neeson and water activist Jaden Smith. Screenings of the film are already taking place all over the world, supported by the Brave Blue World Foundation.

Why not host a screening?

If your company or organisation would like to host a Brave Blue World screening there are a number of options to suit your location and audience size. Please visit www.braveblue.world/host-a-screening for more information.

Supporting The Campaign To Change Peoples Perceptions

Co-produced by BlueTech Research, the Brave Blue World documentary paints an optimistic picture of how humanity is adopting new technologies and innovations to re-think how we manage water.

Brave Blue World Foundation

The Brave Blue World Foundation is a not-for-profit initiative focused on providing a platform for scientific educational storytelling and public engagement. The Foundation was created with a view to inspiring a shift in thinking towards solving water challenges globally. Brave Blue World Foundation has partnered with some of the leading experts and technology companies within the water industry. The idea of creating a documentary to support this change seemed like the perfect opportunity to enable this movement.

Paul O’ Callaghan, PhD

Founder and CEO