On #WorldToiletDay we share some insights into solving one of the world’s biggest challenges – the sanitation crisis.

  • Some 2.4 billion people lack access to basic sanitation. There are solutions and technology to fix this – but the process of bringing these to market and getting them to those who need them must be accelerated.
  • It is likely the sanitation gap will only be solved once, and the time is now for those who want to develop innovative solutions – both technological and in terms of business models – to solve this massive challenge.
  • Opportunities totalling up to $4 billion a year are there and are being acted on. Now is the time to step up – in 2018, Veolia became the first water, waste and energy management group to join the Toilet Board Coalition, a global platform dedicated to accelerating the sanitation economy.
  • The sanitation gap is not just a developing world opportunity. An estimated 35 million people in the USA and 2.8 million people in Poland lack access to safely managed sanitation.
  • Collaboration with governments is critical to the long-term viability of the sanitation business.

This challenge is solvable – and we can be the ones to solve it.

This analysis comes from BlueTech Research’s insight report – The Sanitation Economy. Contact us today for information on purchasing this report.

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