Dynamics of Water Innovation: A Conversation with Dr Reinhard Hübner, CEO, Skion Water

September 14 2021

At BlueTech, innovation in the water sector is our favourite subject to discuss.

Did you know that just under 10% of water technology innovations have a successful application and even then the impact is often disappointing. If you are wondering why this is the case than this is certainly the podcast episode for you!

Towards the end of last year Paul O’Callaghan the CEO and founder of BlueTech Research was awarded his PhD at Wageningen University on the Dynamics of water innovation.

The PhD aims to provide insights into the rate of adoption, diffusion and success of innovative water technologies globally. As well as discussing what makes certain innovations successful in his PhD, he also presented the water technology adoption model. Which can be used to monitor the spread of innovations.

In this highly anticipated podcast episode Paul will speak to one of the challengers of his PhD, Dr Reinhard Hübner, the CEO at Skion Water. In this episode Paul and Reinhard will unpack the different types of innovation, rates of success, adoption and give some very valuable advice to start ups in the water industry.

Thank you to Antoine Walter, podcast creator and host of (DON’T!) WASTE WATER podcast for creating this graphic which beautifully illustrates some of the key findings from Paul’s PhD.