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Company: Sorbwater Technology AS
Operating Status: AcquiredOperating
Operating Status Comments: Sorbwater is a part of the Aquarion Group.
Technology Offering: Sorbwater Process with Sorbfloc, Sorbsep and SorbPol
Technology Concept: The Sorbwater Process is a treatment process for produced water treatment aiming at Zero Liquid Discharge. It is composed of the following proprietary technologies: Sorbfloc is a floculant made from hydrocolloid extracts of sea weed, red algae, micro crystalline cellulose or pectin. Sorbsep is a combined flotation cyclone, stripping and coalescing device used for separating hydrocarbons from water. Typical concentration of hydrocarbons after treatment 1-5ppm. SorbPol is a polishing reactor vessel that aims to remove the last traces of hydrocarbons from the treated water..
Country: Norway
Telephone: +47.557.0808
Address: Thormøhlensgate 37b, Bergen, Norway, 5006

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